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Are you in need of fast bearing repair?

Is your turbine or machine shut down due to a bearing failure? We understand the importance of getting your Babbitt Bearings repaired quickly. We have a very simple process to getting you a free estimate as soon as possible:

  • Text or email us a picture of your bearings to babbittbearingexperts@gmail.com.
  • Give us the dimensions, manufacture and what exactly you are looking to have repaired.
  • We will call you immediately with an estimate and time frame to get your Babbitt Bearings repaired.

We understand that time is money and we are here to service you as fast as possible! (877) 405-2454

Right from start to finish, we take responsibility for every act. We stand behind each and every project no matter how big the job is. Every bearing we rebuild meet the highest standards and is ultrasonically tested by experts. No other service provider holds the higher level of quality and workmanship than Babbitt Bearing Experts.

Satisfied Customers

Our good work and reputation as a Babbitt Bearing Company have reached the ears of hundreds of business all across the nation and from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

Round the Clock Babbitt bearing services

Our services include repair and replacing Babbitt bearings. We believe customer satisfaction and provide consistent support day and night.

Fast and timely delivery

We refurbish your bearings in a quick and hassle-free manner. We shipped to you on the decided schedule so that you can get your equipment on the go before your project delivery.

Information and Support

We provide a free no obligation and estimate consultation so you will know what it is going to cost to repair or replace and how much time is involved in the repair.

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