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As the competent and flexible service provider, we tend to deliver excellent service with unmatched confidence to speed up the outage time and to improve your gas turbines performances.

With our revolutionary technology, we are increasing the competitiveness of the installed base with new and improved spare parts, upgrades and other solutions. Our latest technologies boost up the reliability and flexibility. Our techniques reduce the environmental footprint and cut the cost of production by increasing efficiency and intervals between inspections. We are here to support you with the lifetime extension and upgrade solutions for your Gas turbines Bearings repair. We optimize the Gas turbines performance and operational flexibility which should be compatible with today’s dynamic markets.

gas turbine bearings

Our experienced crew of engineers and mechanics ca hand on the full range of standard and upgraded heavy duty gas turbines that are tailor-made for your industrial requirements. On the basis of customer feedback, we have streamlined our Gas turbines bearings repair to eliminate steps, costs and above all, precious time. We use new and advanced repair technology to go beyond simply keeping your industry up and running for better performance from your assets.

Solutions from Babbitt Bearing Experts ensure that your gas turbine can fulfill its full lifetime potentials anywhere in the world. At BBE, we address your priorities with proven technology and solutions. We have a nationwide presence across the USA.

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