For the years, BBE has been dedicated to helping customers with their Babbitt bearing repair services. With our structure and experience work, we provide our customers with more effective and innovative solutions for their bearing repair. Our manager is an engineer by training, so he understands the precious demands of the high speed rotating machine industry and operates the business from a customer first perspective.

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Babbitt bearing repair is more than just replacing Babbitt. We not only repair the Babbitt bearing but also completely restoring it to its perfect working conditions. We insulate the Babbitt bearing, clean water jackets, re-machine the oil grooves and return the bearing housing to its specifications.

Our staff is highly trained machinists which an average of more than 20 years of machining experience. All we machine is Babbitt, so everyone in the team is an expert in our field.  Besides, our sales representatives are a former Babbitt bearing field engineers who understand your needs and language that saves your valuable time by ensuring accurate information in a single meeting.

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