Oil Deflector repair

Babbitt Bearing OD RepairThe improper oil seal clearances can result in immediate and long term operational issues. Babbitt bearing experts offers complete oil deflector reconditioning to ensure the customers the long term integrity of a tight oil sealing system. Our oil Deflector repair prevents the anxiety of a rub induced vibration during the startup of the operations.

We offer an extensive inventory of seal tooth material, dowels, and body bolts. We conduct steam cleaning and painting for your deflector in order to repair it with the perfect condition. As always we are quick to get your turnaround time and will provide you completely repaired oil deflector for your steam turbines.

We value evaluation and repair as a precision machining task which gives the customer higher probability of minimizing forced outages. This allows the plant to maximize expected value performance intervals. Our vast portfolio has developed oil deflector as an advanced reverse engineering capability that cover all major fleets including turbine operations.

With a strong network, we are able to provide quick and effective engineering services to any location. Our oil deflector team leverage specialized tools and techniques to maintain and perform lifetime improvements for your production plants. Right from rotors to balding, our team of technicians will always ready to help you.

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