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We also perform static pour processes to recognize that your bearings need to be pinpoint precisely in order to keep your machines running. Static pour for bearing babbitting is the most highly recommended repair process for the large steam and hydro turbine generator. In Static pour process, centrifugal casting is used to obtain maximum bond strength in to recast the Babbitt bearing other than, casting methods like TIG and pudding.

By spinning a bearing at the proper RPM, the molten Babbitt can be poured under pressure. This centrifugal force combined with rapid cooling effect. This rapid cooling effect will provide bonding time and bearing integrity for your industrial plants.

static pour

The static pour process ensures that the poured Babbitt is free from impurities, gases and other sort of imperfections. Thus providing bond strength and extending life of your bearings. We will provide ultrasonic bond certification and dye penetrate testing in order to deliver the perfect solution for your bearing babbitting. We also maintain an inventory of certified Babbitt that allows us to match any OEM specification of Babbitt that is required for your bearings.

We have implemented different sized centrifugal spin casting machines for babbitting the bearings with the static pour methods. The size, configuration and mass of your bearing will determine the machine we use for the process.

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