Thrust Assembly RepairWe have repaired radial and thrust bearing assemblies of all kinds and styles for automobile engines, industrial equipment and commercial marine and most of all kinds of hydroelectric power plants. With century of knowledge in the repair of hydrodynamic bearings, we bring an experienced and dedicated thrust assembly repair services.

We are specialized in white metal bearings and its affiliated components. Unlike other thrust assembly repair services, we provide a pivoting thrust and journal bearings. We are considered as the number one supplier for repair and maintenance of thrust assembly for any kind of industrial plant.

Our skilled mechanics and technical experts unraveled the thrust assembly with the virtually repair possibilities. The existing material value in a worn or lightly damaged bearing can be salvaged by a comprehensive reconditioning process. Our thrust assembling repair services can save your costs up to 80% of a replacement bearing.

The first step in this process is a thorough cleaning and inspection of the bearing to determine its conditions. The raceways are polished or re-grounded as required. New components such as rollers can be added and cage pockets can be enlarged as per your industrial requirements. Besides, all the worn and damaged surfaces have been reground or replaced to restore the bearings to its full capabilities.

The final inspection completes the process when all the components are 100 percent inspected to ensure reconditioned bearing meets our highest quality standards to give our clients many more hours of life.

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